Book a Sommelier

Book a Sommelier

We team up with fellow Sommelier’s who help us with the services we offer: Off-site wine pairings, pouring wines for parties, organizing your wine collection and cocktail menus.

All of our Sommelier’s have taken classes with various wine groups and professional organizations. They study and taste on a weekly basis, as well as work in restaurants across Los Angeles. We have just the right person for your event!

Let us put together a fun tasting for you and your friends or colleagues.  We can bring the wine and offer a full class as in depth as you prefer.  Are you looking for a food and wine pairing also, awesome, we do that as well.

Some of the services we offer, but aren’t limited too are:

-Learn how to decipher a restaurant wine list

-What makes the same grape taste different from different regions of the world

-Pouring your wines at your event and having a professional sommelier explain them

-How can you understand all the differences of the wines at a store

-Putting together a full wine and food pairing menu and learning about each and every course

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